Adding, Dropping, Late Adds and Refund Schedules

Courses may be added or dropped using mavlink during regular registration hours.

Adding a course to your schedule via mavlink may be done up until the course starts, or through the 100 percent refund period. The start date for a course can be found by viewing the Class Listings. Adding a course after the 100 percent refund period ends is considered a Late Add, and requires permission from the instructor. If permission is granted to add the course late, the instructor will have a permit added to your schedule. You must then register for the course via mavlink.

A $25 Late Registration Fee will be assessed to those students whose initial enrollment takes place after the start of the session. Exceptions to this are thesis, internship or independent study.

Dropping a course can be done via mavlink up until the last day to withdraw, which may be found by viewing the Academic Calendar. Or - if you are currently enrolled - by going to mavlink, clicking on Drop/Add/Withdraw Classes, and then clicking on View Refund Schedule for a particular course. Some courses, which do not follow the start and end dates for the term, are called course exceptions. To find the last day to withdraw for these courses, you must click on View Refund Schedule if currently enrolled, or you may contact the Records & Registration Office at 402-554-2314 or by email at Important notice: Requests to drop a course submitted via fax or U.S. mail will be processed based on the dates appearing on the fax or U.S. mail post mark.

Refund schedules can also be found going on the Web at

Students who drop or withdraw from one or more courses, or who completely withdraw, will be obligated to the University for that portion of tuition that is indicated on the refund schedule. Students who completely withdraw are also obligated to pay the nonrefundable portion of tuition and fees for the course(s) from which they are withdrawing. Technology Fee is refundable at the same rate as tuition. UPF Fees are refundable only upon withdrawal from all UPF chargeable courses. All other fees are non-refundable.

Students who have paid all tuition will be given a refund computed from the date they withdrew from their course(s). All remaining credit balance refunds will be paid to the student by check. Students can expect three weeks to elapse before refund checks are mailed to them.