Civil Leave (Statutory Leavue)

When a student receives a written notice to provide mandated community service as an election official, juror or witness, he or she must notify the course instructor of the time when the student’s service will be required, within five business days after notice of mandated service is received by the student (or at the start of the semester if notice is received prior to the semester). A copy of the notice must be provided to the instructor.

The instructor will allow the student summoned to mandatory community service an excused absence from the course on the day(s) required for Statutory Leave.

Upon request of the student taking leave, the instructor will ask the class for another student class member to take notes during the period of Statutory Leave.

If Statutory Leave occurs during a critical period in the course (e.g. an exam; in-class graded assignment; group project; participation-required day), the instructor will work with the summoned student to determine if the missed day(s) will likely have a negative impact on the student’s grade and whether the assignment or exam can be accommodated at a later time.

If Statutory Leave causes an extensive loss of class time for the student or will likely negatively impact the student’s grade or learning experience, the instructor and student will determine whether it is best for the student to receive a grade of Incomplete or Withdrawal for the course.

If a grade of Incomplete is chosen, the instructor and student will formally document the procedure required to complete the course.

If a grade of Withdrawal is chosen, the student should receive a prorated refund of tuition and fees paid for the course.