Students majoring in history, who also with to undertake professional training in law, are encouraged to complete all requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Pre-law advisers for history majors will assist each student in the selection of a program that will enable that student to attain a broad general education while progressing toward the bachelor’s degree.

Education Subject Endorsement

Those students seeking a subject endorsement for a degree in the College of Education must take History 1000/1010 and 1110/1120; 6 hours of course work at the 2000 level; 18 hours of course work at the 3000/4000 level; and 6 hours of work in cognate courses. For advice, please check with Student Services in the College of Education (Kayser Hall 326).

Western Civilization/World Civilizations

Transfer students who have taken two semesters of Western Civilizations may count 3 hours toward the World Civilizations II requirement and then take 3 hours of History 1000 to complete their World Civilizations requirement or they may take one of the following: History 2190, 2470, 2480, 2810, 2820.

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