Bachelor of Science in History

Students who plan to undertake graduate study in history are advised that the B.A. degree is preferred to the B.S. degree by most graduate admissions committees and that knowledge of one or more foreign languages is necessary in most fields of historical research and writing.

Students who elect a major in history and seek the B.S. degree must meet the same history requirements and follow the course of study outlined for the B.A. degree with two important exceptions. First, students working toward the B.S. degree are exempt from the foreign language requirement of College of Arts and Sciences. Second, all candidates for the B.S. degree must successfully complete 15 credit hours in cognate courses, including one 3-hour course in logic ( Philosophy 2010) or statistics (Mathematics 1530 or Psychology 3130 or Sociology 2130). The balance of the hours must include twelve hours from 3000/4000 level courses selected to complement the student’s interests in history. None of the foregoing courses may be used to fulfill any “Distribution Requirements” of the College of Arts and Sciences. Approval for the 15 hours of cognate courses for the B.S. in history shall be in the form of a written contract to be signed by the student’s history faculty adviser and placed in the student’s file.