Global IT Leadership and Management (GITLM)Area Studies (AS) - International Studies Concentration

The education and training of globally savvy professionals in science, engineering, and information technology (IT) is important for the long-term viability of many American firms today. Students concentrating in GITLM will be required to add CIST 1400 and CIST 3100 to the general INST core classes and complete the following 18 hours of coursework: ISQA 3310, ISQA 3420, ISQA 4380, ISQA 4910, CIST 3200/INST 3000 (Study-Abroad Experience in GITLM) are required. The study-abroad course will be implemented as a project course taken overseas or through other agreed upon experiences. For those students who are unable to study abroad, this course can be replaced by taking ISQA 4130. In addition, there is a required capstone course: ISQA 4950.