Global Strategic Studies (GSS) Area Studies (AS) - International Studies Concentration

This Concentration is designed for individuals interested in careers in government, national security and intelligence, in teaching in secondary and higher education, and in graduate school studies in any of these areas. In addition to the INST core courses, students will complete at least 15 hours of coursework from the following choices: Economic Geography (ECON or GEOG 3130); International Trade (ECON 4610); International Monetary Economics (ECON 4620); International Economic Development (ECON 4660); Political Geography (GEOG 3930); Environmental Remote Sensing and Intelligence (GEOG 4630); American Diplomatic History (HIST 4350); Europe and America in the Two World Wars (HIST 4710); International Organizations (PSCI 3220); United States Foreign Policy (PSCI 3260); International Political Economy (PSCI 3920); International Political Development (PSCI 3920) ; National Security and Intelligence (PSCI 4920); and other courses deemed appropriate.