Philosophy Major

In addition to the general requirements for the B.A. degree, a major in philosophy may be secured by successfully completing 33 credit hours in philosophy, of which at least 21 hours must be in upper division courses.

The department requires the following courses for all philosophy majors: Critical Reasoning (1210) or Logic (2010); Introduction to Ethics (2030).

Logic (2010) is strongly recommended for students who wish to be recommended for graduate school.

The following upper division courses are required: History of Ancient Philosophy (3110); History of Modern Philosophy (3130); Theory of Knowledge (3600); Metaphysics (3700); and Ethical Theory (3050) (PHIL 3130 is the third writing course).

One of the following is strongly recommended: Philosophy of Natural Science (3400) or Philosophy of Social Sciences (3410). One of the following is also strongly recommended: Social Philosophy (3210) or Philosophy of Religion (3200) or Philosophy of Art (3220).