Bachelor of Science with a Major in Engineering Physics

This degree is intended for persons who have an interest in physics as well as in engineering applications. The graduate will have a large number of options. He/she could go on to graduate school in physics or could enter various other graduate programs such as oceanography, mechanics, aerospace, or electrical engineering. His/her immediate usefulness to industry should be enhanced by the engineering content.

The physics requirement is essentially the same as the requirement for the Bachelor of Arts in physics but with the additional requirement of 20 hours from an engineering discipline. There are two possibilities, depending on the interests of the student: one can take a mixture of mechanical (ME) and civil engineering (CE) courses, or a student may elect to take the courses in the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering (CEEN). The engineering content will be determined by a faculty member in the specific engineering discipline. In cases where the course content of the engineering and physics courses is similar, the student may substitute engineering for some core physics courses with departmental consent.

Students should maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.4 or they may be prevented from enrolling in engineering courses.