Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in political science are offered by the department of political science. Both degree programs are flexible and are designed to meet a wide variety of student needs and interests. Each student’s program must be carefully planned with a departmental adviser to meet his/her needs and interests.


Political science continues to be the single most popular major among students who apply to law school. Law schools emphasize the importance of a course of study that develops the following skills: an understanding of human nature and human institutions, clarity in written and oral communication, and creative and critical thinking. Political science offers such an education.

The study of politics includes the study of human nature and institutions. Moreover, the political science department’s emphasis on critical thinking in class participation and analytical writing, especially in upper level classes, serves to hone the skills necessary to becoming a skilled attorney.

The department of political science offers a number of courses that provide undergraduates with a rigorous introduction to legal concepts and arguments, as well as to the operation of the American legal system. Students who are interested in a majoring in political science as a preparation for law school are encouraged to pursue a concentration in Law and the Courts and they are invited to consult with the departments pre-law advisor.

Public Service

A political science major interested in a career in public service is encouraged to include in his or her academic program courses selected from but not limited to the following: Political Science 2100, 2110, 3010, 4030, 4040, 4170 and 4180; Public Administration 4410 and 4430; History 1110, 1120; Economics 2200, 2220; Accounting 2010, 2020; Geography 4120; Urban Studies 1010; and CIST 1400 and Computer Science 1620.

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