Auditing and Information Systems Specialty

The auditing and information systems specialty is designed for those who want an in-depth understanding of auditing or information systems. A number of approaches for conducting financial and performance audits are addressed. The following courses are recommended to understand the design and control of information systems.

The knowledge acquired in the auditing or information systems specialties is useful in career positions such as financial auditor, internal auditor, governmental auditor, and information systems auditor. In addition, those in management positions in an organization, especially in the accounting and finance areas, will benefit from understanding the information resource and auditing.

Degree Requirements

Suggested Specialization Electives

ACCT 4070Governmental/Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing

3 credits

ACCT 4090Information Systems Auditing

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:6

Recommended Electives

ISQA 3310/CSCI 4850Managing the Data Base Environment

3 credits

ISQA 4110Information Systems Analysis

3 credits

ISQA 4120System Design and Implementation

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9