Entrepreneurship Option

The entrepreneurship option is for students who are interested in owning and/or operating a business venture. Students who are interested in serving entrepreneurial ventures in capacities such as consultants, bankers, accountants, marketing professionals, or real estate specialists may also have an interest in this option. The entrepreneurship option has a practical emphasis designed to assist students in developing and operating their new and/or small ventures. Courses in this option lead students through the different processes of getting into business, addresses important operating issues relevant to the running of day-to-day activities of a venture, and discusses the important topic of planning for business growth and development. Students selecting the entrepreneurship option are encouraged to use their elective hours to develop important competencies that will assist them in developing and operating their business ventures.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete the following two course:

MGMT 3710Entrepreneurial Foundations

3 credits

MGMT 3720Entrepreneurial Planning

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:6

MGMT 3710: prerequisite for MGMT 3720

Students will select one (1) of the following courses:

MGMT 4040Managerial Leadership

3 credits

MGMT 4050Managerial Decision Making

3 credits

MGMT 4220Employment Law

3 credits

MGMT 4340Management of Teams

3 credits

MGMT 4510Management Internship

1 - 3 credits

Total Credit Hours:13-15