Management Program

Managers combine human and material resources to accomplish organizational objectives. Such results are achieved through the managerial processes of planning, leading, organizing and controlling. A firm’s existence is based on how well managers perform these functions in an environment of risk, uncertainty and ambiguity.

For this specialization, the student completes nine hours in the management core and an additional nine hours from the chosen option. Students must complete MGMT 3490 with a “C+” or above in order to take additional management courses. The options are general management, entrepreneurship and human resource management. A student may choose more than one option with a resulting increase in number of hours required.

Management Core

Today’s competitive, global business environment presents many interesting challenges to managers. These challenges include managing change and innovation, managing diversity, developing a global perspective, becoming an effective leader, and improving organizational performance by focusing on quality and continuous improvement. The management core has been designed to include courses to prepare students to more effectively face these challenges as managers in the twenty-first century.

Degree Requirements

Students (except students choosing the human resource management option) will select three (3) of the following courses (for a total of 9 credit hours):

MGMT 3510Human Resource Management

3 credits

MGMT 4040Managerial Leadership

3 credits

MGMT 4050Managerial Decision Making

3 credits

MGMT 4100Organization Theory and Practice

3 credits

MGMT 4150International Management

3 credits

MGMT 4440Management of Quality and Process Improvement

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9