Marketing Program

Marketing program students learn how marketing decisions and strategies are affected by the character of the market, the desires of the business, and the influence of competitors. Each student develops skills in advertising designs, pricing decisions, building distribution networks, and even in the creation and changes of products.

Career opportunities are increasing and are in just about any industry: banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retailing, railroad and trucking, even zoos and politics.

Students majoring in marketing complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in marketing courses after the Principles of Marketing course is completed with a “C+” or above. Within these 18 credit hours all marketing students must complete Marketing Research and Marketing Management.

Students often ask which courses they should take for a career in marketing. There is no single answer. All students specializing in marketing are required to take marketing management and marketing research. Additionally, all marketing students are encouraged to apply for a marketing internship to gain relevant business experience. Both the internship (MKT 4510) and special problems (MKT 4500) will apply as marketing electives. To guide students in the selection of the remaining marketing electives, the following course groupings may be useful: