Department of Art and Art History

Preparing artists, art historians and art educators with knowledge and skill sets to make significant contributions to the practice and study of art is the mission of the Department of Art & Art History. The Department offers various curricular options designed to engage individuals in an intense understanding of their practice and a broad critical understanding of the visual facets of culture. Via rigorous study, Art and Art History students acquire the requisite knowledge for entry into careers in the arts and/or pursuit of higher degrees. Three degree options exist for art majors: Bachelor of Arts in Art History, a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (also available with K-12 certification option), or Bachelor of Fine Arts.

General Education Requirements:

All students enrolled in a degree program in the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media must meet the university general education requirements. Additional information on these requirements can be found on page 69 of this catalog and on the University General Education website ( Please consult with an academic advisor for recommended choices for the major.

For more information…

contact the Department of Art and Art History at (402) 554-2420.