Senior Thesis Option (6 Hrs.)

Students whose work is above average and who are considering doing graduate work in creative writing may apply after their Intermediate Studio to pursue the B.F.A. with Senior Thesis. To earn this special designation on their official transcripts, candidates for the degree must take two semesters of WRWS 4990 Senior Thesis.

The senior thesis is a book-length manuscript of original work prepared during a student’s last year of study in his or her area of concentration (e.g., a collection of poems, a collection of short stories, a novel, a collection of essays). The work will be judged on the basis of artistic maturity and technical control. The level of excellence of the thesis should be commensurate with that expected by graduate programs; therefore, it should represent work of the highest quality the candidate has been able to achieve in the program. Students approved for thesis work need to consult regularly with their major adviser regarding their selection of courses in their degree program.

Students may apply for senior thesis by submitting samples of their work after they’ve completed their Intermediate Studio course in genre. At that time, the student may be Approved, Provisionally Approved or Not Approved for this option. The progress of a student who is Provisionally Approved will be reviewed again after his/her first Advanced Studio for final approval to enroll for senior thesis course credit. To remain with the thesis option, a student must receive a grade of “S” for the six hours of thesis work.