Writer’s Workshop Core Requirements

Degree Requirements

Foreign Language (8-10 hrs.)

(minimum of one academic year of the same college level foreign language)

Literature and Theory Core. (12 hrs)

WRWS 1010Contemporary Writers: In Print In Person

3 credits

THEA 1090Oral Interpretation of Literature

3 credits

SPCH 1710Oral Interpretation of Literature

3 credits


WRWS 4000Form and Theory

3 credits


WRWS 3990Independent Studies

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:12

(Two semesters of WRWS 4000 required for core Students may enroll a third time for WRWS 4000 for literature credit. Must be different topics each time.)

Lower Level Literature (9 hrs.)

Choose three courses:

(At least 3 hrs. must be from Historical Literature ENGL

2310, 2320, 2450, 2460, 2500, 2510, 2520)

ENGL 2310Introduction to English Literature

3 credits

ENGL 2320Introduction to English Literature

3 credits

ENGL 2450American Literature

3 credits

ENGL 2460American Literature

3 credits

ENGL 2500Literature of Western Civilization: The Ancient World

3 credits

ENGL 2510Literature of Western Civilization: Middle Ages to Enlightenment

3 credits

ENGL 2520Literature of Western Civilization: The Modern World

3 credits

ENGL 2xxx Literature Electives adviser approved

Total Credit Hours:21

Upper Division Literature (18 hrs.)

Select six 3000-4000 level literature courses from English, foreign languages, Writer’s Workshop, or other appropriate departments (in consultation with faculty adviser).

Total Credit Hours: 9