School of Communication

The School of Communication offers Bachelor of Arts (BCO) and Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree programs with majors in broadcasting, journalism and speech communication. Broadcasting majors may choose from sequences in broadcast news and new media. Journalism majors may choose from sequences in news editorial (print journalism), public relations/advertising and media studies. Speech Communication majors may choose from seven areas of emphasis: communication technology and human relationships, communication training and instructional development, conflict resolution, culture and communication, interpersonal relationships, organizational communication and employee relations, and public and political communication.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BCO) degree includes a foreign language requirement (16 hours or high school equivalent), while the Bachelor of Science in Communication (BSC) degree includes a minimum of 15 hours in a second field of concentration (or a minor as specified by a department or school). A second field is defined as courses within a single department of the university or as courses that all relate to a single subject area or topic. The second field must include at least six hours of upper-level courses (3000- or 4000-level) except as specifically exempted in writing by a school adviser or the school director. Students must earn at least a “C” in all courses required for the major, as well as in all foreign language courses required for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and in all classes in the second field of concentration (or minor) required for the Bachelor of Science in Communication.

A total of 120 hours is required for graduation for all communication majors (broadcasting, journalism and speech communication).

Students in the School of Communication may not count more than 45 hours in broadcasting and journalism courses combined or more than 45 hours in speech communication courses within their major.

Courses that have been applied toward general education requirements may not be applied to the major or second-field requirements. Courses taken to fulfill the general-education requirements for cultural diversity may be exceptions, with the approval of an adviser.

All students who take sophomore-level or above (2000-, 3000- or 4000-level) broadcasting or journalism courses, or junior-level or above (3000- or 4000-level) speech communication courses are required to have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.25. Any exceptions will be by written permission of the school. Students will receive a worksheet listing requirements to track their progress toward a degree.

General Education Requirements

All students enrolled in a degree program in the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media must meet the university general education requirements. Additional information on these requirements can be found on the University General Education website ( Please consult with an academic advisor for recommended choices for the major.

General Electives

Students may need to take additional courses as general electives to meet the 120 credit hour minimum requirement.

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