Second Field of Concentration for BSC degree (15 hrs)

The second field of concentration is required for the Bachelor of Science in Communication (BSC) degree only. Speech Communication majors pursuing the BSC should complete 15 hours of courses (including at least six hours of 3000-4000 level courses) in one department or academic program, or inter-related courses from various departments or academic programs other than speech communication. Speech Communication majors may have a second field of concentration in mass communication (broadcasting and journalism) by completing 12 hours of courses in BRCT and/or JOUR (six hours of which must be at the 3000- or 4000-level), in addition to the BRCT/JOUR courses already required for the SPCH major. Speech Communication majors may not complete more than a total of three hours of credit for forensics activities (SPCH 3150-3160) or more than a total of four hours of credit for internships, applied journalism/broadcasting, and advanced practicum.

Journalism, Speech and Speech/Theatre Education

Students who wish to teach journalism, speech, or speech/theatre in secondary schools should contact the College of Education for degree requirements.