The Fine Arts Press (Book Arts Concentration)

The Fine Arts Press has two reciprocal pursuits. One of these is to produce limited first editions of new literature, mostly verse, from foundry type hand printed on fine papers in the traditional way. The books are issued under the imprint “Abattoir Editions,” and have won international recognition for both literary and typographic excellence

Its coordinate concern is to educate students in the rudiments of this kind of book production. Students majoring in studio art may elect a book arts area of concentration in the department of art and art history. The book arts concentration requires a minimum of 6 hours in the B.S.B.A. degree track and 15 credit hours in the B.F.A. degree track. Introductory courses in book arts are also available to other students who may wish to enroll for their personal enjoyment. These courses make available to them the facilities of the pressroom fonts of type, hand printing presses, and elementary hand bookbinding gear for realizing their own original projects. In addition, two seminars in the history of books, one for manuscript and the other printed books, endeavor to elicit the traditions upon which an intelligent evaluation of book design may be based.