Minor in Military Science

This program is designed for those students who desire to enhance their education by providing unique management and leadership instruction coupled with practical exercise. This program is designed to develop leadership and management skills critical to lifelong learning and development. The impact to UNO students enrolled in the minor will enable them to succeed as a leader in the US Army as an Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard officer, as well as provide a foundation for career growth and development in the public or private sector.

The military science minor is governed and supervised jointly by the Department of Military Science and will be directed from the UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service. Students will earn the minor of Military Science by completing a minimum of 18 credit hours of Military Science classes with 12 hours in 3000-4000 level courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C-” or above.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

MILS 3010Adaptive Tactical Leadership

3 credits

MILS 3020Leadership in a Changing Environment

3 credits

MILS 3070Leadership Development and Assessment

3 credits

MILS 4000Leadership Laboratory

1 credit

MILS 4010Developing Adaptive Leaders

2 credits

MILS 4020Leadership in a Complex World

2 credits

Either (one option):

MILS 1010Leadership and Personal Development

1 credit

MILS 1020Introduction to Tactical Leadership

1 credit

MILS 2050Leadership Training Camp

3 credits


MILS 2020United States Military History

3 credits


HIST 3000United States Military History: Civil War to the Present

3 credits

Total credit hours required for the military science minor                18-20

Non-Traditional Credit Policy

Students may apply up to 65 credit hours from non-traditional sources toward the BGS degree. “Non-traditional” refers to sources other than college or university classroom or laboratory settings. Some non-traditional categories have lower maximum allowances.

Source of Credit (Maximum Credit Granted)

Credit by Examination (30)

Includes UNO examinations, CEEB Advanced Placement, CLEP and DANTES

Credit for non-collegiate-sponsored instruction (65)

Includes sources of college-equivalent knowledge outside traditional classroom settings

Credit by Examination

Earn credits toward a BGS degree by successfully completing various examinations, including:

  1. UNO’s special examination procedure. “Challenge” a subject taught at UNO via departmental examinations.
  2. College-Level Examination Program
    1. Subject Examinations (CLEP/SE)
    2. General Examinations (CLEP/GE)
      • Only scores earned on the first attempt at each test will be considered. Tests may not be repeated. Failed tests will not appear on the student’s record.
      • The CLEP/GE Humanities test must be taken before completing 27 credit hours at UNO.
      • CLEP/GE Humanities credit will not be accepted from students who have completed 65 or more credits toward a BGS degree before the CLEP/GE test date. Course work taken after the CLEP test date generally will not reduce CLEP credit already awarded; however, exceptions exist. Please consult a DCS academic adviser.
  3. DANTES subject standards tests (DSSTs) examinations cover certain academic subject areas and may be taken at any time during the academic career. UNO is an authorized CLEP/DANTES test administration center. For more information, contact the UNO Testing Center, 402-554-4800.ject-standard

Credit for Non-Collegiate-Sponsored Instruction

The Division of Continuing Studies grants academic credit for selected college-equivalent knowledge acquired outside the college classroom. Credits granted by DCS derive from two sources of authorization: one national and one local. The national authority is the American Council on Education (ACE). The Division of Continuing Studies honors ACE credit recommendations for educational programs conducted by branches of the United States Armed Services and by an increasing number of business, governmental and professional organizations. Locally, the Division of Continuing Studies makes recommendations for granting credit; however, the DCS faculty academic policy committee must first approve the recommendation. A listing of credit earning, non-collegiate sponsored sources follows. Contact a DCS academic advisr for further information.

Source of Instruction or Validating Examination

U.S. Armed Services Training Programs

One continuous calendar year of enlisted active duty service including basic training

Evaluations by American Council on Education

Federal Aviation Administration Programs

Flight or Airframe and Powerplant certificates

Evaluations by American Council on Education

American Council on Education Evaluations

Professional Secretaries International

Professional bank training programs

Professional insurance training programs

Training by some federal agencies

Plus many more

Health Training Programs and Examinations

Diploma Registered Nurses

Radiologic Technologist programs

Clinical Laboratory Technologists examinations

Local Organizations

Nebraska or Omaha Police Training Academies

Boys Town

First Data Corporation

AT&T and other telephone company training

Union Pacific

Bachelor of General Studies Policies

Honors Program

The BGS honors program provides expanded educational opportunities for highly motivated students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. Honors credit is earned by enrolling in honors courses, by contracting courses with instructors, or by transferring honors work from other accredited institutions or UNO departments. Contact the BGS honors coordinator or consult an academic adviser for further information.

Academic Amnesty

Academic amnesty is a “second chance” for students who have done poorly in any NU system college. An amnesty contract allows recalculation of a student’s GPA after more than one year of absence from any NU system school, and upon successful completion of 24 credits at UNO after returning. While the poor grades remain on official transcripts, they are not calculated into the current GPA. For more information, contact a DCS academic adviser.


The Division of Continuing Studies recognizes the high degree of mobility within the adult population it serves. A student must complete a minimum of 24 of the final 48 credit hours as graded credit earned at UNO. (An exception may be made for the student enrolled in the online Bachelor of General Studies degree with a General Studies area of concentration. Credit hours from University of Nebraska Kearney online classes only may be included in the minimum of 24 hours.) Further, students choosing Option I must earn nine upper division hours at UNO in their area of concentration, and Option II students must earn at least six upper division hours at UNO in each of two areas of emphasis. Students generally complete degree requirements based on the catalog under which they entered DCS, allowing interruption of studies for personal reasons without facing changes in degree requirements.

Credit/No Credit Grading Policy

BGS students may take up to 24 hours on a “credit/no credit” basis toward academic core requirements and as electives. Credits earned under the “credit/no credit” option (or under other similar policies such as “pass/fail”) may not be applied toward area of concentration, secondary field, or area of emphasis requirements.

Combined Degree Policy: BGS/Professional

Candidates for the BGS degree who plan to continue with a professional degree program may qualify for a combined degree program. Students may apply up to 29 credit hours earned from professional schools toward the BGS degree, allowing for early entry into a professional school without sacrificing the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree.

Special Credit Programs

Air Force Education & Leave Assistance (AFELA) (formerly “Bootstrap” Program)

This program serves active duty military personnel, bringing U.S. Armed Services personnel to Omaha for a final period of full-time study in pursuit of a college degree. Information about this program may be obtained from military educational services officers.

Offutt Air Force Base Program

The Division of Continuing Studies administers UNO credit-granting courses at Offutt Air Force Base for active military personnel and their dependents as well as civilian employees. Classes lead toward a UNO degree and are scheduled in either 7- or 14-week sessions on weekdays (late afternoons) or evenings and on weekends.

Servicemember’s Opportunity College

The Division of Continuing Studies is a charter member of the Servicemember’s Opportunity College Program, a nationwide effort to make postsecondary education readily available to U.S. Armed Services personnel.