Elementary Education

The program in elementary education is designed to prepare students to meet Nebraska requirements for an elementary (K-6) level teaching certificate. Candidates must complete course work in the following related content areas: American government, geography, literature, MATH 2000, Math for Elementary Teachers and MATH 2010, Geometry for Elementary Teachers. Some of the related content course work also may meet university general education requirements. Please contact an academic advisor for details.

A candidate for a degree or teaching endorsement in grades K-6 must complete the following required course work: ART 3050, Art in the Elementary School; MUS 3050, Music Fundamentals and Methods for Elementary Teachers; HPER 2400, Health Education and Physical Education for the Elementary School Teacher; TED 3350, Teaching and Assessing Reading in Elementary Schools; TED 4320, Teaching of Social Studies; TED 4330, Teaching of Mathematics; TED 4340, Teaching of Science; TED 4350, Teaching of Reading and Language Arts; TED 2360, Literature for Children and Youth; TED 4600, Student Teaching and Seminar: Elementary; and Student Teaching Orientation.

In addition to completing required courses in the K-6 program, a candidate seeking certification must choose from the following specialization areas:

The following elementary education specialization areas require an additional semester of student teaching in order to be endorsed in the respective area:

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and a complete listing of program requirements, visit the College of Education website at http://coe.unomaha.edu/oss/majorprogs.php.