Middle Grades Education

The program in middle grades education is designed to prepare candidates to meet Nebraska requirements for a middle grades (4-9) level teaching certificate. Candidates must complete the following course work as part of the general education requirements: literature; physical/mental health (HED 2310, Healthful Living, or PE 1800, Fitness for Living).

The required professional course work includes: TED 3350, Teaching and Assessing Reading in Elementary Schools; TED 3690, Applying Reading and Writing in the Secondary School; TED 4660, Young Adult Literature; TED 4370, Introduction to Middle School; and TED 4390, Teaching at the Middle Level.

Candidates are required to complete two teaching content areas as part of the middle grades endorsement program. Candidates must select their two content subjects from the areas of: mathematics, foreign language, science, social studies, and language arts. One of the choices must be either foreign language (German, French, Spanish), mathematics or science. All content areas will be a minimum of 18 credit hours each. (See an academic advisor for a listing of the required courses for each teaching content area.) Each content area will also include a course in methods for that particular discipline (i.e. TED 4000, Special Methods in the Content Area). Student teaching is required and will be completed in a middle grades setting.

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and a complete listing of program requirements, visit the College of Education website at http://coe.unomaha.edu/oss/majorprogs.php.