Non-Teaching Programs

Students not desiring teacher certification may earn a non-teaching degree in the following program:

Library Science

All majors in the library science program must complete the university general education requirements. Required library science course work includes: TED 2160 Introduction to Library Services; TED 4590, Teaching and Learning in Digital Environment; TED 2360, Children’s Literature; TED 4660, Young Adult Literature; TED 4710, Reference, Resources and Services; ; TED 4720, Special Libraries; TED 4740, Cataloging and Classification; TED 4760, Managing Collections in Library and Information Centers; TED 4800, Library Leadership and Management; TED 4570, Capstone Practicum in Library Science.

Each individual must complete 27 credits of electives distributed over the following areas: technology - nine credit hours; literacy - nine credit hours; and human relations - nine credit hours. Individuals must also complete an approved minor plus elective courses sufficient to reach the minimum of 125 credit hours needed for graduation.

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