Secondary Education

The secondary education program is designed to prepare candidates to meet Nebraska requirements for a related (7-12) level teaching certificate or a K-12 teaching certificate.

Candidates completing the secondary education program must complete course work in the following related content area: Introduction to Literature. Some of the foundational course work also may meet university general education requirements. Please contact an academic advisor for details.

A candidate for a degree or teaching endorsement in grades 7-12 or K-12 must complete the following course requirements: TED 3550, The Art and Science of Teaching in Secondary Schools; TED 3690, Applying Reading & Writing in the Secondary School; and TED 4000, Special Methods in the Content Area, which must be repeated for each subject endorsement or area of the field endorsement. 7-12 certification requires TED 4600, Student Teaching and Seminar: Secondary; Secondary K-12 certification requires TED 4640, K-12 Student Teaching and Seminar: Elementary/Secondary.

All candidates seeking 7-12 or K-12 certification must complete one of the following sets of requirements: a) academic requirements for two teaching subjects or one teaching field, or b) academic requirements for K-12 certification in art, music or physical education. A maximum of 18 credit hours from the field endorsement or nine hours from each subject endorsement may be applied to the general education requirements.

Candidates may choose from the following teaching subjects or fields:

Field Endorsements



Language Arts

Natural Science

Subject Endorsements




Library Media

Deaf/Hard of Hearing



Mild/Moderate Disabilities


Physical Education



Health Education


Supplemental Endorsements

Adaptive PE


English as a Second Language

All secondary education candidates seeking endorsement in deaf/hard of hearing, mild/moderate disabilities, library media, or English as a Second Language will be required to complete one additional semester of student teaching in the respective area.

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