Computer Science

Computer science is concerned with the study of all aspects of computing, including hardware, software, algorithms and contemporary applications. Conceptually computer science addresses topics in the spectrum of computing related disciplines between computer engineering and management information systems (information systems and quantitative analysis at UNO). The undergraduate degree program in computer science provides students with a solid background in the fundamentals of computing and prepares them for employment in a wide variety of positions and for graduate study in computer science. The content of the department’s courses is continually monitored to ensure they are consistent with the fast-changing developments in the discipline. Courses are offered in day and evening sections for the convenience of the students. Appropriate university and departmental computing resources are available to students taking computer science courses.

Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Track in Computer Science

The department of Computer Science offers an integrated undergraduate/graduate track that provide undergraduate students in the College of IS&T an option to complete the undergraduate degree (BS) in CSCI and the graduate degree (MS) in CSCI in five years. The IUG provides an accelerated master’s program in computer science and is designed for students who are motivated and willing to take on early the challenges relating to graduate education. As such, the program involves intensive study and preparation in computer science. The program allows the students to follow either the general computer science study plan or a specialized concentration study plan. Seven areas of concentrations allowed in the graduate CS program are provided

(1) artificial intelligence,

(2) databases and knowledge engineering,

(3) languages,

(4) network technologies,

(5) software engineering,

(6) systems, and

(7) information assurance.

Area of concentration will be noted on the student’s transcripts.

The program offers three degree options: 1) thesis, 2) project, and 3) course work. Within each of the degree option, a student can choose from the general MS plan or from one or more of the seven concentration plans.

The IUG-CS is a 146-149 hour undergraduate-graduate program that allows eligible students to work towards the MS in CS degree requirements while completing their undergraduate degree. Students interested in this program will work closely with an adviser and a faculty mentor to develop an integrated plan of study.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

  1. Students with junior standing and at least 85-90 hours of completed course work in their undergraduate degree program may apply for admission consideration into the integrated undergraduate/graduate (IUG) track.
  2. Interested students will be required to present a “portfolio” of the following credentials. Whenever possible, candidate students will be required to present their “portfolio” in a presentation to the IUG Selection Committee.
    • Three letters of recommendations, at least two from faculty.
    • Statement of intent---a personal statement about why the student wishes to apply for the IUG track.
    • Undergraduate transcripts
    • GRE Scores are required for transfer students
    • Other supporting documents (e.g., projects and papers, software, work experience, etc.) should be included where possible.
  3. Students are highly encouraged to identify and work with a faculty mentor who knows their background and can champion their application to the IUG track.
  4. All applicants will need to meet any other admission requirements established for the MS in Computer Science program.