Air Transport Administration Concentration

The Air Transport Administration area of concentration is conferred under the Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree program. This option is oriented toward the public/private sector interface of individuals looking for administration careers. Potential career opportunities exist within the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, state aviation organizations, local and regional aviation organizations, airport administration, fixed-based operators, aviation consulting firms, airline operations, flight department operations, aircraft manufacturing companies, aviation marketing firms, and non-profit organizations such as Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association, National Business Aviation Association, and the Experimental Aircraft Association. The Air Transport Administration specialization gives the student the opportunity to gain knowledge in several aspects of the aviation and aerospace industry. Students will take specific classes in areas of general aviation, airport planning, statistical analysis, security, and airline operations. Students will also have the opportunity to become involved in an internship or cooperative education experience. This experience will expose students to working in an area that relates to their potential career path; both local and national programs are available. Students who are looking to work in these highly competitive and regulated areas should choose the Air Transport Administration specialization program for their course of study.