Minor in Gerontology

A minor in gerontology consists of 18 credit hours. Nine hours of core courses are required with the remaining nine hours to be selected by the student with advice and support of the academic adviser for the department.

Degree Requirements

The core courses required for the minor will include the following:

GERO 2000Introduction to Gerontology

3 credits

GERO 4460Psychology of Adult Development and Aging

3 credits

GERO 4670Programs and Services for the Elderly

3 credits

GERO 4550Health Aspects of Aging

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:12

(while not required, will be strongly encouraged for those seeking a career in health care)

Students may also select a course offered in another department that has at least 75% of its focus on the aging experience. This course can be counted toward a minor in gerontology. A practicum will not be required of students pursuing a minor. The student must earn an overall average of “C” (2.0) in courses for the minor.