Degree Completion Guarantee

Board of Regents Resolution

The Board of Regents recognizes that it is important for University of Nebraska undergraduate students to earn their bachelor’s or first-professional degrees in a timely fashion. The University of Nebraska, therefore, commits itself to providing each student all necessary assistance to ensure graduation within four years of entering the university system, provided the student has appropriate high school preparation, pursues a course of study that is intended for four-year completion and adheres to prudent practices in pursuing a degree. Prudent degree-seeking practices include:

  • selecting a major early in the college career and adhering to the same;
  • working closely with academic advisers to develop a four-year curricular plan;
  • pre-registering early during each semester’s pre-registration period;
  • registering for and completing 15-18 credit hours per semester, with acceptable grades;
  • engaged in fewer than 20 hours per week at a job;
  • in case of a possible delay caused by unavailability of a course, notifying the department chair prior to the end of the semester before that in which the course is needed.

For its part, the University guarantees each student enrollment in courses that permit graduation in four years; if that is not possible, mutually acceptable alternatives may be provided, including allowing the student to substitute a different course.

The mutual commitment outlined in this resolution by both the university and the student will result in four-year graduation.

Service Learning Courses

Service learning courses are offered in most academic departments at UNO. Academic service learning courses offer students the opportunity to apply course content to real world problems and issues while participating in structured reflection about their experiences. Over 125 service learning courses are offered annually and are designated as “service learning” in the electronic course catalog.

Financial Information

Annual financial reports and the annual general operating budget are available to interested persons in the Criss Library.

Discontinuance of Program Offerings

Acceptance of registration by the University of Nebraska and admission to any educational program of the University does not constitute a contract or warranty that the University will continue to offer the program in which a student is enrolled. The University expressly reserves the right to change, phase out or discontinue any program.

The listing of courses contained in any University bulletin, catalog or schedule is by way of announcement only and shall not be regarded as an offer of contract. The University expressly reserves the right to:

  1. add or delete courses from its offerings,
  2. change times or locations of courses or programs,
  3. change academic calendars without notice,
  4. cancel any course for insufficient registrations, or
  5. revise or change rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees, and any other policy or regulation affecting students, including, but not limited to, evaluation standards, whenever the same is considered to be in the best interests of the University.