The department of chemistry, which is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS), offers both Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees. The B.S. degree in chemistry is designed for majors planning to be industrial or government chemists, planning to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry or biochemistry, or considering research in medicine. The B.S. with Concentration in Medicinal Chemistry is designed specifically for students interested in professional study of pharmacy. It is useful for those in allied fields such as forensics and toxicology. The B.A. degree is appropriate for chemical technologists and pre-professional students, including high school chemistry teachers.

High school students considering a modified course of study based on advanced courses in chemistry should consult with the department.

Students can start undergraduate research with CHEM 4950 as soon as a faculty supervisor deems their background sufficient to support the work. The department urges students to include research in their programs before their last year. Calculus III (MATH 1970) is recommended.

Completion of NSCI 3940 satisfies the third writing course requirement for chemistry degrees. It should be taken more than one year before intended graduation.

Students working toward a degree in chemistry must earn a grade of “C−” or better in all courses used to fulfill chemistry requirements.

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