Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

A B.A. degree in chemistry requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of approved chemistry courses.

The eight credit hours of required introductory courses are General Chemistry (CHEM 1180 - CHEM 1184 and CHEM 1190 - CHEM 1194).

The 23 credit hours of required foundational courses are: Organic (CHEM 2250, CHEM 2260 - CHEM 2274), Quantitative Analysis (CHEM 2400 - CHEM 2404), Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 2500), and two courses and associated laboratories chosen from Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry (CHEM 3350-CHEM 3354, CHEM 3360-CHEM 3364, CHEM 4650-CHEM 4654).

The other five credit hours must include either Instrumental Methods (CHEM 3414) or Instrumental Analysis and laboratory (CHEM 4400 - CHEM 4404 ), with the remaining credit(s) to be selected from chemistry courses approved for the B.S. degree.

The required cognates are MATH 1950, MATH 1960, and a year sequence of general physics (PHYS 2110 and PHYS 2120, or PHYS 1110 and PHYS 1120) and laboratories (PHYS 1154 and PHYS 1164).

For a B.A., the college requires completion of a foreign language through the intermediate level.