Bachelor of Arts in History

In addition to Arts and Sciences college requirements, including the Arts and Sciences foreign language requirement, students who elect a major in history and seek the B.A. degree must pass, with at least a “C-” grade, History 1000 and 1010; nine hours from among History 1020-2990 (no more than three hours of History 2990 may be taken to fulfill the nine hour requirement); and 21 hours of history or the equivalents from courses in the 3000 and 4000 levels. The 21 hours must include History 3930 (Historical Research). No upper-division courses offered toward a degree in history may be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis. Students wishing to substitute any course in partial fulfillment of the history major must petition the Executive Committee of the department of history. In so doing they must demonstrate that the proposed substitute is germane to their particular historical field of interest. Such petition must be made and approved before enrollment. There will be no credit by examination for history courses except through CLEP, and only for History 1110/1120.