Latino/Latin American Studies (LLS)

The Latino/Latin American Studies major offers a transnational, interdisciplinary and comparative program of study of the social, economic, political and cultural forces shaping the experience of Latino and Latin American societies in the United States and throughout the Americas. Course work in the Latino/Latin American Studies major prepares undergraduate students for a wide variety of career options. A major in Latino/Latin American Studies (LLS) or a minor in Chicano/Latino Studies (CLS) may be particularly useful to those students planning a career in which Latino and Latin American issues are central: public service, education, law, health, counseling, and business are but a few examples. Moreover, the major and minor serve more than just a specific Latino constituency as the impact of demographic and social trends are reflected in the lives of non-Latinos. We encourage students to declare Latino/Latin American Studies as a double major as well.

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