Major in Latino/Latin American Studies

A major in Latino/Latin American Studies requires 30 credit hours. Six of those consist of hours earned through the completion of LLS 1000 and LLS 1010 or 1020. Three hours are earned through the completion of a senior project course. This course also fulfills the college’s departmental writing course requirement. Double majors may receive permission to fulfill this requirement through the second department’s writing course. The remaining 21 hours are earned through the completion of approved Latino/Latin American Studies courses and a research methods course (see the list below). The following research methods courses also fulfill the college’s quantitative literacy requirement: CJUS 2510, SOC 2130, SOC 2510, PSCI 2000, PSCI 3000, PSYC 3130 and PSYC 3140 (or other courses approved by the director). A maximum of nine hours taken within a single department may be counted toward the major.

All students must complete sixteen hours of Spanish (or equivalent) to fulfill the college language requirement for the B.A. degree.

Major Requirements
A total of 30 credit hours to include:
LLS 1000: Introduction to Latino/Latin American Studies
• Either CLS 1010 or CLS 1020
• A research methods course taught in any department
LLS 4990: Senior Project
• An additional 18 hours of LLS-approved courses*
• College language requirements must be fulfilled with Spanish.

* See approved courses for Latin/Latin American Studies