Bachelor of Science with a Major in Physics

Option 1

This degree leads to a strong specialization and preparation for graduate school. The student must take 44 hours of physics including 3760 and 4210.

Option 2

This option will reflect the student’s interest in areas complementary to physics. The content will be a modification of the physics requirements for a B.A. together with concentrations taken from a coherent set of courses in another discipline, as agreed upon by the student and his/her adviser. Examples are pre-medicine, secondary teaching, concentrations from technology, business, computer science, geology, etc. In some cases, enhancement-courses can also be used to satisfy college distribution requirements.

Option 3

Students who elect physics as their major field for secondary teaching must complete the introductory courses and 15 credits from core courses, where substitutions may be made with approval of the physics counselors. The degree may be taken through the College of Arts and Sciences or via the College of Education. In any case, Secondary School Certification in Physics Teaching requires the satisfactory completion of a series of education courses.