Pre-Radiation Science Technology Curriculum

The University of Nebraska at Omaha cooperates with the University of Nebraska Medical Center School of Allied Health Professions in providing prerequisite courses for programs in nuclear medicine technology, radiography, radiation therapy technology and diagnostic medical sonography.

No grades lower than “C” will transfer to UNMC for credit. Adviser: Dean’s office.

Degree Requirements

English Composition (6)

ENGL 1150English Composition I


ENGL 1160English Composition II


ENGL 2400Advanced Composition


Total Credit Hours:6

Speech Communication (3)

SPCH 1110Public Speaking Fundamentals


Total Credit Hours:3

Mathematics (3)

MATH 1320College Algebra


Total Credit Hours:3

Statistics (3)

PSYC 3130Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences


SOC 2130Basic Statistics


STAT 3000Statistical Methods I


Total Credit Hours:3

Medical Terminology (2-3 credit hours)

See Metropolitan Community College

Basic Sciences (8-15 hours)

BIOL 2740Human Physiology and Anatomy I


CHEM 1140Fundamentals of College Chemistry


CHEM 1144Fundamentals of College Chemistry Laboratory


PHYS 1050Introduction to Physics


Total Credit Hours:8-15

Introduction to Physics Lab is also recommended, but optional.

BIOL-2840 Human Physiology and Anatomy II (spring and summer) also recommended.

CHEM-1140 and CHEM-1144 and PHYS-1050: More advanced courses may be substituted.

Note: The radiation therapy program also requires documentation of collegiate level computer content (Ex. CSCI-1000 or higher)

Humanities or Social Sciences (6)

Psychology and Sociology recommended

Electives (15)

(May include any of the previously listed Basic Sciences.)

For information about UNO courses, call the dean’s office at 402.554.2458. For information on programs in Radiation Science Technology Education at UNMC, please call 402.559.1029. Their programs include radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and sonography.

For information on the Radiologic Technology program at Nebraska Methodist College, call 402.354.7200 or for Clarkson College, call 402.552.3100.