Pre-Technical Sciences Curriculum

Students who have not met the high school prerequisites for entrance into the Engineering College may be admitted into the pre-technical sciences program in the College of Arts and Sciences. High school prerequisites needed for entrance into the College of Engineering are three and one-half years of math (including one year of geometry and at least one-half year of trigonometry), one year of chemistry, one year of physics and an ACT score of 23 or higher in the engineering section. Students lacking the math prerequisites should take the Math Placement Exam to determine which math course to take. Students lacking the high school chemistry courses should take Chemistry 1140-1144. Students lacking one year of physics should enroll in Physics 1050. If the student’s ACT score is below 23 in the engineering section of the exam, a 2.5 or better GPA will be required in all pre-technical courses.

The remainder of the class schedule may include Speech 1110 and courses from the humanities and social sciences electives. Adviser: Dean’s Office.