Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.)

The department offers four concentrations for the Bachelor of Science degree: general sociology, anthropology, inequality and social justice, and organizational sociology. All concentrations, including the B.S. with no concentration, require the core courses plus a cognate area. Before beginning the B.S. option, students must file an approved plan of 15 credit hours of cognate course work developed with an undergraduate adviser. No foreign language is required.

Cognate Areas (15 hrs)

Organizational sociology students in the B.S. program are required to complete 15 hours in a field of specialization based on their interests and/or career aspirations. Other options may be designed by the student in consultation with the undergraduate adviser. Appropriate courses in the following areas are listed in the department’s B.S. program brochure.

  • Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Public Administration
  • Diversity Planning and Management
  • Organizational Communication
  • Native American Community Organizations
  • Gerontology
  • Non-for-Profit Management

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