Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Specialization will focus upon resolution of commercial disputes (e.g., remedies; ADR), and is a part of the undergraduate BSBA degree. All undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration have the same major: the BSBA (i.e., Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) degree. All BSBA students complete a set of common courses (i.e., core courses). The BSBA core courses include LAWS 3930, Business Law Fundamentals. In addition to these common CBA courses, the BSBA allocates an additional array of courses, between 18 and 24 credit hours, towards various Specializations. The BSBA degree offers students a wide array of Secondary Specializations.

The legal studies specialization focuses on resolution of commercial disputes. Students with a variety of career goals choose the legal studies specialization. Commercial risk management students choose the specialization to be well positioned to quantify and evaluate alternative resolutions of commercial disputes. Students interested in law as a form of critical thinking and analysis of social issues may pursue the specialization. BSBA students pursuing a pre-law curriculum or preparing for a paralegal career may choose the specialization. Some graduate track students take this route to prepare for a business graduate degree for a career in forensic economics.

In addition to a broad understanding of the law, quantitative skills are central to the legal studies specialization. Quantitative skills, especially those related to monetary metrics, are needed for estimation of the magnitude of remedies in a commercial context. Risk management requires persuasion, accordingly, written and oral communication skills are important for the legal studies specialization.

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