Marketing Program

Students specializing in Marketing learn research skills necessary for discovering the needs or desires of their firm's target market.  These skills enable marketers to develop a thorough understanding of their target market(s), the marketplace--whether local, national, global or virtual, the firm's competitors, and the competitive environment.

Working together with other units in the firm, marketers design products and services that provide benefits and/or solve customer problems better or more efficiently than competitors' products. In other words, marketers contribute to the firm's competitive advantages to avoid being easily copied by competitors.

Marketers design and implement strategic marketing plans in order to 1) communicate effectively with the target market so customers understand the benefits offered by the firm relative to competitors; 2) distribute products and services in ways that maximize customer satisfaction while simultaneously minimizing the firm's cots; and 3) provide value to the target market so that customers are satisfied with the benefits received for the price paid, especially when compared to value available from competitors.

Students must complete MKT-3310 with a "C+ or above" in order to take additional Marketing courses.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete the following two courses

MKT 4300Marketing Management


MKT 4340Marketing Research


Recommended course

MKT 4510Marketing Internship

1 - 3