Air Force ROTC - Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Aerospace Studies

The department of aerospace studies is a regular instructional department of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and functions according to the rules and policies of the University and those of the USAF. The Air Force ROTC program is open to both men and women and is designed to develop the skills and attitudes vital to the career professional Air Force officer. Upon successful completion of the Air Force ROTC program and graduation from the University, cadets are commissioned Second Lieutenants, USAF. Instruction includes a two-year basic course (General Military Course-GMC) and a two-year advanced course (Professional Officer Course-POC).

To enroll in the POC course, applicants must complete either the college GMC program or an extended Field Training (FT) program at an Air Force base. A number of Air Force ROTC college scholarships are available to outstanding cadets. For complete information on the Air Force ROTC program contact the Professor of Aerospace Studies (PAS), 402-554-2318.

Aerospace Studies, on all levels, are presented to AFROTC students as professional courses, designed to enrich their overall academic experience in the University. The academic curriculum of Air Force ROTC consists of two distinct general courses. The General Military Course is a continuing freshman-sophomore course of two academic years. The Professional Officer Course is a junior-senior-graduate course of two academic years. Air Force ROTC leadership laboratory activities, which are a part of each course, offer students many opportunities for practical leadership training. The GMC curriculum emphasizes the potential of aerospace power. Courses are designed to acquaint the student with aerospace power and the Air Force mission in support of our national defense. The courses are open to all full-time University students. Textbooks and uniforms are furnished at government expense. All students are provided leadership experience through participation in leadership laboratory activities.

The courses include voluntary trips to various Air Force installations throughout the United States. Students enrolled in GMC courses are not in the military service and assume no military obligation. Students with prior military service or high school ROTC experience may receive credit for portions of the GMC program. Entering freshmen should register for AERO 1310 and AERO 0010 during registration.

The POC curriculum emphasizes communicative skills, civil-military relations, leadership, human relations, problem solving, and decision making. Courses are open to students who have either

  • completed the GMC program, or
  • attended an extended summer field training course at an Air Force base in lieu of the GMC program.

Students not enrolled in the GMC program should contact Air Force ROTC as soon as possible to be tested and processed for the fall semester. POC cadets enlist in the Air Force Reserve and manage all leadership laboratory activities.

For more information…

call 402-554-2318