American Humanics

Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

American Humanics (AH) is an alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations devoted to preparing college students for careers in nonprofit organizations. UNO is one of over 75 campus affiliates offering the AH certificate. The term “humanics” emphasizes the integration of “spirit, mind and body in service to others.” The program is open to all undergraduate students, pursuing any major and is housed in the School of Public Administration.

Requirements for Certification include:

  • Taking AH–related course work
  • Conducting a 300 hour internship/practicum with a nonprofit agency
  • Participating in the AH Student Association and other co–curricular activities
  • Attending at least one national AH Management Institute
  • Meeting AH certification competency requirements
  • Obtaining a baccalaureate degree from UNO

AH Program Curriculum

The AH director advises all students in selecting appropriate AH program-related course work. Students must complete all course work as required by UNO to obtain a baccalaureate degree as well as complete 5 to 7 AH-related courses. Many of the AH courses will count toward degree requirements for a student’s major. Requirements will vary from major to major. To determine which courses meet certification requirements, contact the AH Director.

AH Internship/Practicum

The student internship at a nonprofit organization is considered the “capstone” experience. Students must complete a 300-hour internship at an approved site. A student may conduct an internship for credit if this option is available in the student’s major department. A student internship manual is available for AH students preparing for their internship experience. Please contact the AH Director for more information.

AH Co-Curricular Activities

AH students must participate in the AH Student Association (AHSA) while completing the AH core courses. The AH Student Association will organize several learning and networking opportunities for AH students. Please note: Students will be required to attend at least one AH Management Institute (AHMI) for certification. It is typically held in January in various locations across the US. Students will be expected to raise money or pay for the conference.

Certification Competencies

American Humanics, Inc. has identified 14 core skills and knowledge competencies for undergraduate programs in nonprofit youth and human services management. For a listing of these visit the Web at: It is important to note that these are used as criteria to determine satisfactory completion of the American Humanics certificate. Each component of the American Humanics Program—curriculum, internship, and co-curricular activities—is driven by these competencies.

Student Performance

Students must achieve at least a 3.0 average in AH core courses. In addition, students must demonstrate that they have satisfactorily met each of the AH competency areas as well as other AH requirements noted above before they are recommended for national AH certification. Students will be required to maintain a portfolio to show that they have done this. The AH Director will provide students with directions for creating a portfolio.

Contact Information

To enroll in the program, a student must interview with the AH Director and complete the online registration. For more information contact the UNO American Humanics Director by mail at: American Humanics, UNO School of Public Administration, 6001 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68182; or by phone: 402-554-6019. Information is also available at: