Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History provides a thorough investigation of the history of art as a humanistic discipline. The program provides two paths of study in art history. Option A prepares students for graduate study in art history while Option B prepares students for careers in the fields of Museum Studies and Arts Administration. The Bachelor of Arts in Art History requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of course work.


In addition to the University General Education requirements, Art History majors are required to complete courses listed below. Courses used to fulfill University General Education requirements, if they are applicable, may be used to satisfy Department specific requirements.

Degree Requirements

Art History/Studio Core (18 hrs.)

ART 1100Foundation Drawing & Design: Two Dimensional Applications


ART 1110Foundation Drawing & Design: Three Dimensional Applications


ART 2050Survey of Western Art History I


ART 2060Survey of Western Art History II


ART 3760Art History Seminar


ART 4940Introduction to Methodology in Art History


Total Credit Hours:18

Art History Options (18 hrs.)

Select no more than one course from six of the following categories, for a total of 18 hours.


ART 4710       Ancient Art History 

ART 4720       Women in Ancient and Medieval Art

ART 4730       Classical Art History


ART 4720       Women in Ancient and Medieval Art 

ART 4750       Late Roman and Byzantine Art History 

ART 4770       Early Medieval Art History 

ART 4780       Early Medieval Art History 


ART 4810       Northern European Renaissance 

ART 4830       Italian Renaissance 

ART 4850       Baroque and Rococo 19th  


ART 4860       Art and Feminism Since 1800 

ART 4870       North American Art: From the Colonial Period to the Armory Show of 1913 

ART 4880       Modern Art I 


ART 4890       Modern Art II 

ART 4900       Contemporary Art History Since 1968 


ART 3770       History of Architecture to 1850 

ART 3780       History of Architecture from 1850 

Non-Western Art:

ART 2040       Cross Cultural Survey of Art


ART 4920       Art in Theory and Practice Since 1990

ART 4930       Special Topics in Art History

History (6 hrs.)

Courses to be determined in consultation with a Department advisor.

Art History Focus Items (10-11 hrs.)

Art History majors follow one of two options below.

Option A--Graduate Study Path (10 hours):

In addition to the Art and Art History Core and Art History Options students complete:

Studio Art or Art History Electives (9 hours)*

Art History Thesis (1 hour)

*Electives may include: ART 4910 Independent Study in Art History, ART 4930 Special Topics in Art History, or ART 4530 Art Internship)

Option B--Museum Studies/Art Administration Path (11 hours):

In addition to the Art and Art History Core and Art History Options, students complete course work offered through the American Humanics Certificate Program (School of Public Administration) and a directed internship at a regional arts institution or museum. Students must complete:

ART 4530         Art Internship  (2 hours)
PA 3500            Non-Profit Organizations and Management  (3 hours)
PA 4500            Non-Profit Resource Development  (3 hours)

Students must also choose one of the following courses:

PA 4100           Marketing in Public, Non-Profit, and Aviation Organizations  (3 hours)
PA 4200           Community Organizing and Social Change  (3 hours)
PA 4590           Techniques/Topics in Non-Profit  (3 hours)
Arts Elective

Foreign Languages (16 - 20 hrs.)

Minimum of two academic years of the same college level foreign language (or the high school equivalent as determined by the Department of Foreign Languages). Students interested in graduate study in art history must take college-level language courses, and additional course work is advised.

Total Credit Hours: 68-73