Department of Theatre

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre degree is to provide students with a general education in all aspects of theatre and the wider liberal arts. Through this degree, the department offers the student a broad-based liberal arts foundation in combination with rigorous and disciplined professional training. Because theatre practice occurs within a social, political and cultural milieu that requires the practitioner to be intimately familiar with such areas as history, foreign languages, and the sciences, the department requires that all students examine the broad area of human knowledge. On the other hand, because theatre practice occurs by means of disciplined processes, the department strives to approach all training and production work with a focus on professional methods.

The combination of these two approaches gives the department the opportunity to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a truly rigorous approach to the study of theatre in a unique and exciting educational setting.

The general areas studied as a theatre student areacting, directing, design, dramatic literature, history of the theatre, and theatre technologies including stagecraft, stage lighting, scene design, costume, and makeup.

Beyond the general theatre core, students are encouraged to pursue an interest in a specialized area such as acting/directing, design/theatre technology, or theatre scholarship.

In addition to the formal course requirements a theater major is required to participate actively and consistently in productions sponsored by the department. The department stages a minimum of four major productions during the academic year. These productions encompass the representative periods of theatre history, including musical theatre. A variety of production opportunities are also offered in the Directing Lab, and Student Showcase.

The Department of Theatre does not discourage students from participating in production activities sponsored outside the department, however all students are required through the theatre lab requirement to make their commitment to the UNO program their first priority.

Credit may be earned in off-campus activities in rare and exceptional circumstances, but only if approved in advance by the theatre faculty. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of course work.

Teacher Certification

Students interested in earning a Nebraska certification to teach in theatre at the high school level must enter the College of Education and pursue a bachelor of science in secondary education in language arts.


New theatre students are required to meet with an academic adviser for advisement, while existing students are required to visit with the faculty adviser each semester to plan appropriate course work.

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contact the Department of Theatre at 402-554-2406.