Concentration in Independent Game Design

Studio Core I (15 hrs.)

ART 1100     Foundation Drawing & Design: Two Dimensional Applications

ART 1110     Foundation Drawing & Design: Three Dimensional Applications

ART 1210     Foundations Theory and Practice I: Alternative Media

ART 1220     Foundations Theory and Practice II: Intermedia

ART 2100     Life Drawing I

Studio Core II (12 hrs.)

Students must choose 12 hours from the following list of approved Core II courses:

ART 1810     Watercolor I

ART 2110     Life Drawing II

ART 3000     Digital Media Production

ART 3150     Video Art

ART 3200     The Hand Produced Book I

ART 3210     Color Theory

ART 3310     Elementary Sculpture

ART 3410     Elementary Painting

ART 3510     Elementary Printmaking

ART 3520     Photographic/Digital Printmaking

ART 3610     Elementary Ceramics

Game Design Concentration (18 hrs.)

ART 3140     CGI: Computer Generated Imagery I

ART 3160     Game Design as Art

ART 3170     Digital Game Design

ART 4140     CGI: Computer Generated Imagery II

ART 4180     Advanced Digital Game Design

ART 4190     Game Design Studio

Art History Core and Electives (15 hrs.)

ART 2050     Survey of Western Art History I

ART 2060     Survey of Western Art History II

ART 4890     Modern Art II (Art of Europe and the Americas, 1918-1968) OR

ART 4900     Contemporary Art History since 1968

Art History Elective

Art History Elective