Concentration in Studio Arts

Emphasis in Book Arts, Ceramics, Drawing, Intermedia, Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture.

Studio Core I (15 hrs.)

ART 1100     Foundation Drawing & Design: Two Dimensional Applications

ART 1110     Foundation Drawing & Design: Three Dimensional Applications

ART 1210     Foundations Theory and Practice I: Alternative Media

ART 1220     Foundations Theory and Practice II: Intermedia

ART 2100     Life Drawing I

Studio Core II (15 hrs.)

ART 3000     Digital Media Production

ART 3310     Elementary Sculpture

ART 3410     Elementary Painting

ART 3510     Elementary Printmaking OR

ART 3520     Photographic Digital Printmaking

ART 3610     Elementary Ceramics

Art History Core and Electives (15 hrs.)

ART 2050     Survey of Western Art History I

ART 2060     Survey of Western Art History II

ART 4890     Modern Art II (Art of Europe and the Americas, 1918-1968) OR

ART 4900     Contemporary Art History since 1968

Art History Elective

Art History Elective

Studio Concentration and Emphasis (15 hrs.)

A student must work with a faculty adviser to select coursework for an Emphasis which must include intermediate, advanced and capstone classes, for a total of 15 hours.

ART 1810     Watercolor I

ART 1820     Watercolor II

ART 2110     Life Drawing II

ART 3100     Advanced Drawing I

ART 3110     Advanced Drawing II

ART 3120     Advanced Intermedia and Digital Art I

ART 3140     CGI: Computer Generated Imagery

ART 3150     Video Art

ART 3200     The Hand Produced Book I: Typography and Book Design

ART 3210     Color Theory

ART 3220     The Hand Produced Book II: Letterpress Printing

ART 3230     Book Structures: An Introduction to Bookbinding

ART 3320     Intermediate Sculpture

ART 3420     Intermediate Painting

ART 3520     Photographic Digital Printmaking

ART 3530     Papermaking

ART 3620     Intermediate Ceramics

ART 4140     CGI: Computer Generated Imagery II

ART 4310     Advanced Sculpture

ART 4410     Advanced Painting

ART 4510     Advanced Techniques in Printmaking

ART 4610     Advanced Ceramics