Bachelor of General Studies Policies

Honors Program

The BGS honors program provides expanded educational opportunities for highly motivated students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. Honors credit is earned by enrolling in honors courses, by contracting courses with instructors, or by transferring honors work from other accredited institutions or UNO departments. Contact the BGS honors coordinator or consult an academic advisor for further information.

Academic Amnesty

Academic amnesty is a “second chance” for students who have done poorly in any NU system college. An amnesty contract allows recalculation of a student’s GPA after more than one year of absence from any NU system school, and upon successful completion of 24 credits at UNO after returning. While the poor grades remain on official transcripts, they are not calculated into the current GPA. For more information, contact a DCS academic advisor.


The Division of Continuing Studies recognizes the high degree of mobility within the adult population it serves. A student must complete a minimum of 24 of the final 48 credit hours as graded credit earned at UNO. (An exception may be made for the student enrolled in the online Bachelor of General Studies degree with a General Studies area of concentration. Credit hours from University of Nebraska Kearney online classes only may be included in the minimum of 24 hours.) Further, students choosing Option I must earn nine upper division hours at UNO in their area of concentration, and Option II students must earn at least six upper division hours at UNO in each of two areas of emphasis. Students generally complete degree requirements based on the catalog under which they entered DCS, allowing interruption of studies for personal reasons without facing changes in degree requirements.

Credit/No Credit Grading Policy

BGS students may take up to 24 hours on a “credit/no credit” basis toward academic core requirements and as electives. Credits earned under the “credit/no credit” option (or under other similar policies such as “pass/fail”) may not be applied toward area of concentration, secondary field, or area of emphasis requirements.

Combined Degree Policy: BGS/Professional

Candidates for the BGS degree who plan to continue with a professional degree program may qualify for a combined degree program. Students may apply up to 29 credit hours earned from professional schools toward the BGS degree, allowing for early entry into a professional school without sacrificing the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree.