Secondary Education

The program in secondary education is designed to prepare candidates to meet Nebraska requirements for a related (7-12) level teaching certificate or a K-12 teaching certificate.

A candidate for a degree and/or teaching endorsement in grades 7-12 or K-12 must complete the following course requirement: TED 3550, The Art and Science of Teaching in Secondary Schools.  All candidates completing a teaching endorsement in 7-12 or K-12 must complete the following course requirements:  TED 3690, Applying Reading & Writing in the Secondary Schools; and TED 4000, Special Methods in the Content Area, which must be repeated for each subject endorsement or area of the field endorsement.  7-12 certification requires TED 4600, Student Teaching and Seminar; Secondary K-12 certification requires TED 4640, K-12 Student Teaching and Seminar:  Elementary/Secondary. (Candidates completing K-12 endorsement does not take TED 3550).

Candidates seeking 7-12 or K-12 certification must complete one of the endorsements below.

Field Endorsements

Art (K-12)                                 Music (K-12)

Language Arts                     Natural Science

Mathematics                       Social Science

Subject Endorsements

Biology                                     History

Chemistry                              School Library

English                                      Physical Education (K-12)

French                                      Physics

German                                   Spanish

Health Education             


All secondary education candidates may elect to complete a dual endorsement in a secondary content area and one of the following areas:  Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, School Library, or English as a Second Language.  Candidates will be required to complete one additional semester of student teaching in the respective area.


Supplemental Endorsement

Adaptive PE


English as a Second Language

American Sign Language


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