Minor in Management information Systems for Accounting Majors

The following five courses have been approved by the departments of ISQA and Accounting as specifically relevant to students in the accounting area. The prerequisites are consistent with course requirements of accounting students.

ISQA 3910 Project Management

Prerequisite: CIST 3100/BSAD 3100 & CIST 2500/BSAD 3160

ISQA 3310 Managing the Database Environment

Prerequisite: BSAD 3100/CIST 3100

ISQA 3400 Business Data Communications

Prerequisite: BSAD 3100/CIST 3100

ISQA 4110 Information Systems Analysis

Prerequisite: BSAD 3100/CIST 3100, & ISQA 3310 (co-requisite)

ISQA 4120 System Design and Implementation

Prerequisite: ISQA 3310, & ISQA 4110