Minor in Aviation

An aviation minor is available to students who are interested in achieving an associated aviation background to supplement their major area of study. The aviation minor has been developed as an interdisciplinary program to broaden the educational opportunities for UNO students. Consistent with the current and future demands of the aviation industry is the need for quality educated and trained professionals from a variety of disciplines. This program will provide the aviation foundation to prepare a student from any major to meet those needs as a professional in an aviation-related field.

A minor in aviation requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, including at least nine hours of upper-level aviation courses. A minimum grade of “C-” is required in each course. The minor can complement any major at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and has been a popular choice among students in criminology and criminal justice, computer science, international studies, geography, public administration, management and marketing.

For the minor to appear on the student’s transcript, it must be declared by completing the minor application at the Aviation Institute. To obtain additional information about the minor options and to develop a plan of study, students should contact an academic adviser from the Aviation Institute, Room 120, CPACS Building, 402-554-3424.