Professional Flight Concentration

The Aviation Institute offers flight training from private pilot to certified flight instructor. Flight training is closely coordinated through local flight schools. Students who successfully complete any of the training under UNO requirements courses will receive appropriate academic credit. Students who plan on enrollment in a flight training course should be able to successfully complete a second class aviation medical examination conducted by an FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 67, Medical Standards and Certification . Flight costs are paid directly to the flight provider where you conduct your training and are in addition to regular University tuition and fees. Approximate costs for flight training are available in the Aviation Student Handbook. Costs for each training phase are based on the average number of hours required by the FAA for that particular phase. If a student requires additional flying or ground training to complete a particular training phase course, the student will be obligated to pay for the extra training. Additional financial aid is available for flight training, but does not cover 100% of flight training costs.

Flight training schedules are arranged by the student and flight instructor at each flight center. Students are responsible for contacting the flight training provider and establishing a schedule that will allow for completion of course requirements within the time allowed. It is suggested that students plan to fly three times a week. Instructors are available day, night, and weekends. For a current list of flight providers, see the Aviation Institute Web site at Consult with an aviation academic adviser for additional information.